MKMMA – Week 5

Putting things together…what a blessing this has been this week.  Arriving home from our trip and trying to get back on schedule with everything.  Then guess my resistance was down and for the first time in about 6-7 years I got hit with flu like symptoms.  UGH.  Willis was great, though.  He took such good care of me…even reading aloud for me when my throat was hurting so bad, couldn’t speak.  I was trying to read, and he felt sorry for me, so tried with enthusiasm to read for me.  Both TGS and my DMP.  He, of course, came up with a couple of  changes for my DMP.  Good changes I might add.

So, this week…short and sweet as I just got up and dressed for the first time really yesterday (Thursday).  One thing we did manifest though…we got more than we asked for on our mobile home!  This is where I feel that things are really coming together for me/us.  We have had our mobile home for sale (not the property, just mobile home) for on and off about two years.  We even offered incentives should someone help sell.  I wrote out another DMP just for the mobile and a sale price a little higher than what we would “settle” for.    Put the home on Craig’s list, and while on our vacation got a call.  The couple came out the day after we arrived home from our vacation.  Thought about it a day or two.  During that time, both Willis and I read the DMP for the mobile home with positive, enthusiastic emotions.  They came back this past Tuesday, with a deposit, and if we came down on our “asking” price just a little, then they would clear out all the trees for us, to get the mobile home moved to their property.  What a blessing!  Then because we don’t use a fireplace, and they want to, they are coming to clear extra trees on our property for their firewood.  Everyone is happy!.  So, all in all we really did get more than our asking price.  Not a bad manifestation in my opinion.

Now with Willis reading the DMPs, making  a tweak here and there..he is more on board with me than he has been.  Previously, he has been supportive, now on board.  He is writing his DMP, and reading TGS regularly, and working on his 3×5 cards. I have just been pinching myself to see if I was dreaming!  Was all this because I wasn’t feeling well?  Not sure and don’t care.  It was what I wanted more than anything.

So, now understanding that you do change miraculously  – little by little as you build a foundation.  Then things just start happening.  How incredible is that?

So, that is my blog for this week..still sniffling and coughing quite a bit but on top of the world. Peace be the journey!


MKMMA – Week 4

This week I feel that I have been attacked by the enemy…myself.

Last week I mentioned that Willis and I were going on an extended trip…we are now home as of yesterday.  My dedication was not as good as the week before.  Willis ended up back in the hospital in Harrisonburg, VA overnight this time.  We thought it was his heart. He knew the area much better than I did and on the way to the hospital, he got lost.  My GPS couldn’t pick it up and inside I just yelled, “God. I need your help now!”  Well at that time, a car pulled up behind me, I slammed the car into park, jumped out, and ran to the car behind us.  It just so happened that the gentleman, Josh, that was a passenger in the car was the director of surgery and drove us there, with his wife following.  God does answer prayers.  Thanks to Josh, we got Willis to the hospital, on an ekg, and lab work started within 5 minutes.  It was awesome!  It was at that time that I realized that we make our own destiny and we have to trust ourselves.  It was also at that time that I realized my DMP, thanks to my guide, was right on and it was a very emotional moment.

During the next two days, Willis going through tests, and me having to deal with his 93 year old mother, with definite short term memory loss, that I realized that I was handling things differently…not getting flustered, put off, stressed or agitated was a big win for me.  My thoughts were on what was going on, his mom and comforting her, and dealing with the docs.  After two days, Willis was discharged, and we could head home.  He is fine, no heart issues.  It was a pulled muscle under his left rib, that  had a lot of inflammation, which the pain radiated into his heart.  Motrin and he was good to go!  And he could help with the driving a bit.

The thing is, though, is I wasn’t consistent on my reading of anything..but I did keep my promise of the chore.  Since we were staying at Willis’ sister’s house, I did our laundry.  Being on the road, didn’t think I could think of a chore.  But I did, wrote it down, and Kept My Promise. Two other promises that were kept…Sunday’s webinar and Monday’s digital webcast.

I know that I cannot recoup a day lost in reading, but that doesn’t mean I quit.  It just means I concentrate that much harder this next week.  A challenge.  A healthy challenge and I am looking forward to it.  Thank you to John, my guide, who has been with me the whole way, encouraging and guiding.  He helped me keep my cool. I did not want to let him, or me down.

So, although again a challenging week, I feel that I came up on top.  Thank you MKMMA!

MKMMA – Week 3

This has been quite a week!  Knowing in advance that Willis, my husband, and I would be taking an extended trip, my chore from last week HAD to be completed by Wednesday.  Low and behold I kept my promise to myself and still managed to get out the door in plenty of time.

Had everything planned knowing that I would not be able to watch the replay of Sunday until Tuesday.  All was good.  Had my 3×5 cards ready – although not sure what chore I could come up with as we would still be on the road this next Sunday.  But away we went.

Finished watching the video on Tuesday, just as planned, made my notes, and then Whammy.  Needed to take Willis to ER in a strange town.  That was fun.  We didn’t get out of ER until 4 a.m. and we were supposed to be on the road at 6.  Didn’t happen.  And now I was the only driver as he was no longer able to help drive.

So, that was this past Tuesday, Wednesday and today.  We did arrive in Virginia to see his 93 year young mom and I kept saying to him…I just need a couple of hours to catch up with what I needed to do.

The amazing thing through all of this, is that MKMMA never left my mind.  It was too important to me to keep up no matter what.  I still read TGS and MKMMA and my 3×5 cards.. at a rest stop, when we settled in for the night, while he was getting ready didn’t matter… I just kept reading knowing that I was forming new habits.  And guess what!  During this time, I managed to give up an old habit….smoking.  Unplanned – and just don’t want any more.  It has been 5 days. I choose to read while Willis had his “smoke break” and already I am feeling better.

There was something else that was pretty special that happened this week, too.  While driving on Tuesday and realizing that Willis wasn’t feeling the best, just thinking he needed rest, I promised him that I would pull over, even though we did want to get a little further down the road.  He fell asleep and when I could, pulled over.  When he awoke, and found us pulling into the parking lot of a hotel, he just looked at me and thanked me for always keeping my promises.  He noticed!

Using my boat and river analogy, I look at it this way.  The river and storm tried their best to toss me to and fro, but I have that paddle and am learning to navigate down that river on the path I choose.  This stuff works!  It was just a choice that was made of which was more important…the old habits – the old blueprint – or learning to develop that new blueprint.  It would have been too easy to just say “later” and/or use the excuse “I’m  too tired after driving all day”.  The new won out and what an exhilarating feeling it is!

MKMMA – Week 2

Tuesday, Oct 7, 2014.

I think I want to look at this more like a journal, than a weekly post.

This morning I actually did wake up with more vigor, vitality, and enthusiasm, just as I have been reading in TGS.  Wow.  It took me awhile to recognize it, then the realization came to me….I was doing things that needed to be done….things that were not on my 3×5 card, but things that had been “haunting” me to get done.

When I awoke this morning, it was before everyone else.  That alone is totally different.  Then I realized that has been going on a couple of days.  I had time to myself, for  myself.  How awesome is that?????  I could just sit and listen while the birds woke up. Hearing their chirping is like a symphony.  Not even sure how long I just sat there, but it was awhile.

Then just started doing some things around the house, that needed done, and I had been putting off.  Simple things really…things that I have to be in “the mood” to do – cleaning type stuff – and they just got done without me realizing it.

I think the 3×5 card where I have to say, “Do it now” is really hitting home for me.  Have I done my chore on the 3×5 card…nope not yet…but it actually takes a little planning on my part….It will be done tomorrow and I always keep my promises!

You know last week I started this blog with the analogy of the river, boat and paddles.  Well,  I still believe that is true.  I believe that last week I was given the boat and paddles or maybe one paddle, or maybe really just the boat.  Doesn’t matter.  Now I am learning to navigate these waters one paddle stroke at a time.  I feel that I have come so far already, but this is just the beginning.  I so look forward to each new discovery, each new awakening, each new realization now more than ever before.l


Life is a journey, isn’t it?  It is just how we choose to experience it.

In my first three days of this thing called MKMMA, I have already felt some of that old skin shedding and old habits are soon to be a thing of the past.  What an awesome feeling.  In just three days, have found myself awakening with a completely new awareness of who I am and who I can be.

I will no longer just float in the river and let it carry me in the currents of where it wants to take me.  I now have a boat, and paddles as I am now learning to be in charge of where I want to go and who I really am.   What an awesome feeling!

I truly believe that this is a key in living in this world, but not of this world.  It is like we are experiencing a different realm of our reality.

Thank you MKMMA staff…I trust, believe, and have the upmost faith that this is an answer to many prayers.